Internships at Frogtown Farm

The internship program at Frogtown Farm is a well-rounded and fulfilling experience for local teens, college students, and recent graduates.

Our teen internship program allows youth in the Frogtown neighborhood to gain skills in the non-profit sector as well as explore their interests in agriculture, food, sustainability, and community-building.

Our college internship program has hosted students from a wide variety of backgrounds and through various programs at (list schools in alphabetical order). While our internships are unpaid, many of these students were able to receive funding and/or college credit through their school or another program.

Internship focus areas include communications and outreach, Market Saturday support, education programming, farming, and various other projects.

Interns can expect to work with a diverse group of community members. During their time at Frogtown Farm, the selected intern candidate will also gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges of working in the nonprofit sector.

Interested in an internship at Frogtown Farm? Email us at and let us know what your skills and interests are!